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Therapeutic Massage

At Caring Touch Pain Relief, our mission is to help you stay young and to put the fun back in your life. We know though, that life can get in the way of that at times. Automobile accidents, sports injuries, hours at a computer or even just everyday stressors, can inflict more pain and discomfort each day, until a simple trip to the beach or a game of golf become a chore. We make it our goal to get you out of pain, and to help you achieve the comfortable, healthy lifestyle you know you can have.

Relax Your Way to Health

One of the many ways in which we help our patients live their best life is through therapeutic massage. Therapeutic massage therapy is the manipulation of the soft tissue structures of the body to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasm and stress. Therapeutic massage is a highly effective way to improve functioning of the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems, as well as improve the rate at which your body recovers from a traumatic injury or debilitating illness.

Types of Massage

At our practice, we perform treatments that are specifically designed to treat your individual health, maintenance or recovery needs. We offer Swedish massage, sports massage, structural functional movement integration and connective tissue massage, with the differences in them being the technique we use or the effect they have on the patient. For example, the goal of a Swedish massage is relaxation, while structural functional movement integration focuses more on kinesthetic awareness. However, every massage we offer provides proven beneficial effects to overall health and body function.

Personal Care – The Right Results

At Caring Touch Pain Relief, we believe that every successful massage treatment begins with understanding – understanding your pain – understanding your symptoms – and understanding you. When we understand these three things, and personalize your visit in this way, we can provide you with the massage that is designed to not just treat your symptoms, but to get to and alleviate the source of your pain.

Caring Touch Pain Relief – Inspiring You to Live Your Best Life through Personalized Care. Give us a call today.