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Lifestyle Advice

Lifestyle Changes

lifestyle adviceWhen our patients are experiencing health challenges it can be helpful to advise (or coach) them on activities they could do differently or avoid altogether so that their condition doesn’t become more aggravated. At Caring Touch Pain Relief our goal is to help all of our patients achieve a happy life full of all of the activities that they enjoy the most. In order to achieve that goal it is often a good idea for patients to instigate lifestyle changes.

Caring Touch Pain Relief supports what might be considered the major pillars of wellness. Those pillars would be Alignment, Exercise, Nutrition and Healthy Thinking. In addition to these major areas there are quite a few other lifestyle changes that you can make to enrich your health and your life.

Healthy Choices

Drinking enough clean water every day (that’s a suggested 10 cups per person) is one of the simplest and yet commonly overlooked ways to keep your body healthy. Water is how the body cleanses metabolic waste and toxins from itself. It is responsible for body temperature regulation as well as transporting oxygen, nutrients and waste products. Without water you become dehydrated, which can cause a myriad of problems. You actually cannot survive more then just a few days without water.

The quality and amount of sleep that you get can have a profound influence on your health. Proper functioning of your brain, your digestive and endocrine system, recovery from injury and restoration of energy are all dependent on getting enough sleep. It is estimated that 100 million people suffer from sleep problems. If you don’t get enough sleep, the doctors at Caring Touch Pain Relief can help.

People who smoke may have grown weary of being told to stop smoking. So, at the risk of sounding repetitive, we are going to suggest it again. There are zero health benefits related to smoking and an endless list of detrimental effects on your body caused by smoke. Smoking destroys the cells inside of your lungs, promotes heart disease, causes premature wrinkling and can contribute to the dehydration of spinal discs which causes back pain.

If you want to quit smoking and you would like some help, contact Caring Touch Pain Relief to hear about some effective medical programs that are available to assist you.

Enrich Your Life

Turning off your television is a key way you can improve your health and the health of your family as well. Recently published studies indicate that television may lead to obesity and attention deficit disorder (ADD). Spending hours in front of a television keeps your whole family inactive, burning fewer calories and reducing their overall metabolism. Compare all of the negative effects of television with all of the fun, interactive and healthy activities you could be doing and make the choice to improve your life by turning off the TV.

The state of your relationships and how you experience love, intimacy, friendship and community are also key components in your overall health. Making lifestyle changes in the areas of love and friendship makes you happier and studies have shown that it improves your health. Experiencing a sense of community and love can have healing effects. Becoming an advanced citizen, one who dedicates some of their time and energy to a cause that they believe in, not only gives you a sense of purpose, but helps improve the world.

Drs. Kirk and Valerie McVay are dedicated to the idea that having excellent health is more than just curing an injury or relieving pain. Your body, mind and entire life can be improved by making lifestyle adjustments that really not very difficult and can, in fact, be a lot of fun. The Caring Touch Pain Relief doctors are happy to provide you with lifestyle advice for a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.